Four Truths about Grace, the Game Changer, Pt. 1


Grace is a game changer. It is the source of a meaningful life and loving relationships.

Without grace, hope ceases and love is self-serving, lacking fulfillment. Without grace, relationships consist mainly of pain-inducing judgment and fear. As a result, we pursue acceptance through performance. We struggle daily trying to live up to the perceived expectations of others. We judge everyone in our lives and no one measures up. Everything is a competition. Life is exhausting.

Grace changes everything. Grace gives freedom. Grace drives out fear. Grace enables growth, grit, and long-term success.

DEFINED: Grace is the gift of undeserved, unexpected understanding and acceptance.

Grace gives people ‘super human’ emotional strength and resilience that literally changes the world. Ironically as I was working on this my wife and I watched Ruby Bridges with our four daughters (ages 2-10). Six-year-old Ruby and her family showed us the ‘super-natural’ power of grace.  Ruby’s life of grace changed an entire culture. (If you are unfamiliar of the story of Ruby Bridges, I highly recommend learning about her amazing strength, dignity, and grace.)

In my own life, I spent nearly a decade withholding personal grace, judging myself, striving to prove decisions from my past didn’t make me a loser. I woke every day determined to prove my value. Not surprisingly, my drive to prove myself produced ‘success’ on the surface. Yet, each time I reached the top of a ‘mountain of success’ it brought only temporary relief from the painful judgments I still held on to. Only when I embraced life-giving grace and began to learn how to stop judging myself and others, did I find freedom, maturity, and truly fulfilling success.

I’m still learning. I’m still ‘in process’. Through the process, though, I’ve learn four truths about grace that can transform our view of the world. I’ll share them in the next post.

Four Truths About Grace, The Game Changer, Pt. 2

How has grace or the lack of grace shaped your life and the way you think about yourself and others?


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Husband of the most wonderful and patient woman in the world, Anna, and father of the four most precious little girls a dad could be blessed to parent: Mackenzie, Whitney, Sidney, and Courtney. View all posts by Kerby Court

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