Clear and Present Need

Simple, courageous decisions are the only road ahead for the people of Japan and the rest of us trying to support them in their nearly unbelievable circumstances. No matter who we are if we have a bed to sleep in tonight, a roof over our heads, and food on our table, we have it better than thousands in Japan (and millions around the world for that matter). Take some time and think hard about a place you can help in some way. There is no “small help” when life hangs in the balance.

Here are a few links if you need a little direction:

Japan Relief

World Vision (this was my means of choice)

Clean Water for Africa and India

There are dozens of other places you can give from the excess you have – time, money, attention, love, a hug. Do it today. Do it right now. Don’t wait.

Make a simple choice to make a real difference in the life of someone who needs your help. Change your trajectory and the trajectory for someone else today.


About Kerby Court

Husband of the most wonderful and patient woman in the world, Anna, and father of the four most precious little girls a dad could be blessed to parent: Mackenzie, Whitney, Sidney, and Courtney. View all posts by Kerby Court

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