Greatest American Leader of All-Time?

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any other.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln failed more times than he succeeded. His list of failures could almost fill an entire page, single spaced. His obvious successes would likely not fill a decent length paragraph. However, his successes still shape this world 150 years later.

The month which honors his birthday seems a fitting time to bring his triumphs back to the forefront of our minds. While his life was senselessly ended by narrow-minded racism, being gunned down likely immortalized the man and all the good he stood for. Long-term, his legacy would not have been the same without his assassination. No person is without blemish, but those whose lives are taken too soon are often remembered that way.

Abraham Lincoln served as president during the darkest hours of American history – a time which saw brothers killing brothers and fathers killing sons, families being torn apart in unimaginable ways. His resolve to do the right thing, simply because it was the right thing had an enormous cost. Millions of American lives ended violently during the Civil War. Personally, it cost his life. His decision to stand where so many men had withered makes him likely the greatest American leader of all-time.

His decisions were small – freedom for all men, means freedom for all men. Their impact – eternal. What decision can you make today that will leave a similar lasting effect? Make it. Act on it. Change your trajectory today.


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Husband of the most wonderful and patient woman in the world, Anna, and father of the four most precious little girls a dad could be blessed to parent: Mackenzie, Whitney, Sidney, and Courtney. View all posts by Kerby Court

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