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Choosing to Make a Difference Now and In the Future

I’ve got to take my hat off to those movers and shakers, leaders in colleges and universities in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering and Digital Design. They truly “get it.” They get what the future is going to look like and how to prepare the youth of today for making both a contribution to global society and securing a future career.

Those private Christian colleges and universities which warrant recognition from the ICPC – “Battle of Brains” regional competitions are –

  • Northwestern College, IA (International Qualifiers in 2009 and 2010)
  • Wheaton College, IL
  • Whitworth College, WA
  • Hendrix College, AR
  • Pacific Lutheran University, WA
  • Cedarville University, OH
  • Bob Jones University, SC
  • Abilene Chrisitan University, TX
  • Bethel University, MN
  • George Fox University, OR
  • LeTourneau University, TX
  • Messiah College, PA
  • Dordt College, IA
  • Southwest Baptist University, MO

Congratulations to these fine academic institutions and their students who will be leading influencers in tomorrow’s world.

Here’s Forbes’ Ranking of the top Christian Colleges from 2010-11 – the ranking number listed is their overall rank among the greater rankings of 615 colleges and universities.

Top U.S. Christian Colleges and Universities (Forbes) –
59. Wheaton College
81.  Westmont College
134.  George Fox University
142.  Pepperdine University
160.  Gordon College
179.  Covenant College
209.  Whitworth University
213.  Houghton College
233.  Oklahoma Baptist University
235.  College of the Ozarks
258.  Calvin College
268.  Goshen College
280.  Northwestern College
286.  Mississippi College
287.  Union University
289.  Huntington University
304.  Cedarville University
316.  Vanguard University of Southern California
324. Biola University
333.  John Brown University
335.  Asbury University
340.  Dordt College
365.  North Greenville University
389.  Seattle Pacific University
390.  Carson-Newman College
424. Bethel University
428.  Azusa Pacific University
435.  Trinity International University
444.  Messiah College
483.  Corban University
484. Abilene Christian University
489.  Erskine College
525.  Oral Roberts University


Simple Choice to Make a Difference

Watched the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” tonight. I realize I am behind the times. The movie was released in 2008. However, Ben Stein (yes, the comedian) did an amazing job uncovering one of the most insidious efforts to shackle freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of academic integrity, freedom of professional expression, and several other freedoms which have been the foundation of America since the earliest days of rallying against “taxation without representation” prior to the revolution.

If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it, borrow it, even buy it and watch it. It is incredible what is happening in the realm of science in America at the highest levels of academia. The far-reaching, devastating consequences are intolerable and unimaginable in our day and age. This is a “thinkers movie”. It is not Michael Moore and shock-umentary entertainment. This is incredibly important.

If you have watched the film and have not signed the Academic Freedom Petition, please do. This truly is one simple decision, one simple action that can help to shape the future of educational freedom and the moral underpinnings of education in North America. This is not a religious issue, it is a human issue. Humanity needs to have academic and scientific freedom, especially in this critical arena.

Make the decision to sign the petition. Change the trajectory of a whole nation of children and teachers who are being denied the very freedoms our country was born to protect. Thank you.

Greatest American Leader of All-Time?

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any other.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln failed more times than he succeeded. His list of failures could almost fill an entire page, single spaced. His obvious successes would likely not fill a decent length paragraph. However, his successes still shape this world 150 years later.

The month which honors his birthday seems a fitting time to bring his triumphs back to the forefront of our minds. While his life was senselessly ended by narrow-minded racism, being gunned down likely immortalized the man and all the good he stood for. Long-term, his legacy would not have been the same without his assassination. No person is without blemish, but those whose lives are taken too soon are often remembered that way.

Abraham Lincoln served as president during the darkest hours of American history – a time which saw brothers killing brothers and fathers killing sons, families being torn apart in unimaginable ways. His resolve to do the right thing, simply because it was the right thing had an enormous cost. Millions of American lives ended violently during the Civil War. Personally, it cost his life. His decision to stand where so many men had withered makes him likely the greatest American leader of all-time.

His decisions were small – freedom for all men, means freedom for all men. Their impact – eternal. What decision can you make today that will leave a similar lasting effect? Make it. Act on it. Change your trajectory today.