Roadblock to Success – Who Gets the Credit

It is amazing what you can accomplish
if you do not care who gets the credit.
~ Harry S. Truman

Competition brings out the best in people. Competition brings out the worst in people. Both statements are equally true. In our culture which desires instantaneous gratification and longs for even 30 seconds of fame it is amazing who gets thrown under the bus in the name of personal gain. It seems that negative publicity is far greater than no publicity at all.

The desire of individuals to be acknowledged, rewarded, promoted often gets in the way of group success. No one wants to go “all in” with their ideas, energy, creativity unless in the end they will be credited for their contribution. Sadly, no one have ever succeeded alone. No matter how much one would like to claim individual accomplishment and success, we all needed help, collaboration, support, encouragement along the way.

Ironically, at each stop of “success” on our life’s journey, there is a real sense of satisfaction that comes with sharing the credit for our accomplishments. Celebrating individually is empty and lonely – kind of like ringing in the New Year by yourself in the penthouse suite. It might seem like a “sign you’ve arrived” but getting there alone is more devastating than never having arrived.

What is one decision you can make today that will expand your circle of success? What is one area where you can make clear progress into the future by not caring who gets the credit? Give someone a call. Send an email. Make that decision and begin to change your trajectory today.


About Kerby Court

Husband of the most wonderful and patient woman in the world, Anna, and father of the four most precious little girls a dad could be blessed to parent: Mackenzie, Whitney, Sidney, and Courtney. View all posts by Kerby Court

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